About Weihai

Weihai is located at the eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula, surrounded by three sides of water offering 600 miles of coastline, beautiful beaches, bays, numerous harbors, islands and hot springs as well as mountains.

In Shandong Weihai, there are more than 80 scenic spots, 6 of which are national 4A-class tourism spots, namely, Liugong Island, Chengshan cape, Chishan Fahua Buddhist Temple, Silver Beach, Darushan and Tianmu Hot Spring.

Shandong Weihai also has an abundance of folk custom and international festivals.

Rongcheng International Fisherman Festival exhibits the fishing culture and customs of fishermen.

Local Delicacies

With a long history, Weihai cuisine is a component part of Jiaodong cuisine, a branch of Shandong cuisine.

Weihai is well known for meticulously prepared seafood dishes. Local cooks are particular about skills in the use of the kitchen knife, the shape of dishes, duration and degree of cooking and the taste. Local dishes are fresh, crisp and tender, with a light taste and original soup. The representative local dishes include Soy Sauce Sea Cucumbers, Hand-braised Prawns, Lotus Scallops, Soy Sauce Conchs, Crabs with Ginger Juice, Steamed Jiajie Fish, Friend Longevity Vegetables and Weihai Soup.

Shandong Weihai Attractions

Weihai is a seaside town that has the longest coastline in China and has been honored as "the most comfortable city to live in the world". Once you have experienced the natural beauty of this peninsula, it is easy to know why.

Liugong Island National Scenic and Historic Interest Zone

Since ancient times, Liugong Island has been known as "a shield in the east," and a natural screen of Weihai City. In 1881, the Northern Navy founded the Engineering Bureau, Machinery Factory, and Coal Piling Ground on the island. Later, the Governor's Office, Navy School, Telegram Bureau, and forts and iron wharfs were established.

With undulating hills, the island has picturesque scenery with green pine and cypress trees. Liugong Island National Forest Park is the only "marine forest park" in China, which makes up 74 percent of the whole island, and 87 percent of the forest park is covered by forests.

End of Heaven

Board the ferry for a short 20 minute trip to Liugong Island. This world-famous national park is compromised of both of scenery and a wealth of historical sites. As you tour the sites of the Monument to Martyrs of South Navy (Zhonghunbei), Liugong Pavilion, Qidingshan Gun Deck and Zhonghunbei Gun Deck, your attention will be drawn to the stunning views, so keep your camera handy. Before departing, climb up to the highest peak on the island for a panoramic view.

Weihai International Beach Resort

Even if you are not into sun bathing, you must take a trip to the Beach Resort to stroll on a magnificent beach which covers 10,000 square meters. Stretch out on the soft sand taking in the view of crystal clear water, stone carvings and colorful tents.

Alternatively, thousands of acres of pine forest give a perfect shady area to escape the sun.