Tips for paper submission

来源:HVDC2016  发布日期:2016.08.09  

1.Using IE Browse to submit paper and click "Browse" to select the uploaded file.
2.Clicking "Upload File" until you get one serial number, which means that the paper submission is successful.
3.Using the version of *.doc or *.pdf to submit paper, however *.docx is not allowed.
4.You will then receive one Email containing the information of website address for paper modification, paper serial number and password.
5.Please keep in mind the information mentioned in Tip Number 4. If you need to modify your paper, please log in the website address for paper modification, enter your paper serial number and password.
6.Please do not repeat submitting papers.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to Email Address:

2、上传页面中,Upload File为上传键。选择所要上传文件点击此键直至旁边显示出有编号的文件,表明上传成功。