The 7th China International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CICED 2016) will be held in Xi'an China from 10-13 August 2016 to discuss issues related to electricity distribution. Recent years have witnessed tremendous progress in both the techniques and management philosophy for electricity distribution. However, we are still confronted with many new problems in promoting Smart Grid, which press us ahead with efforts to search for solutions and develop new technologies and policies to bolster the growth of future distribution grids.

The CICED 2016 will bring together engineers, academicians, managers and regulators specialized in distribution grid from all around the world to exchanges ideas, discuss problems and share experiences and success stories. It will be a great event covering such topics as planning, design, construction, operation, management & regulation of distribution grids and equipment design and manufacturing.

The conference will also feature an exhibition displaying new products and equipment from many leading manufacturers. With leaders, academicians, and experts from power supply companies, scientific research institutes, design and consultancy organizations and universities around the world to be invited, the exhibition will also elaborate case studies of the achievements in smarter distribution and smarter home networks world will be invited to this exhibition.



  第七届中国国际供电会议(CICED 2016)将于2016年8月10日-13日在西安曲江国际会议中心举办。会议由国际供电会议组织中国国家委员会(CIRED CNC)、国家电网公司主办,国际供电会议组织(CIRED)联合主办,电气与电子工程师学会电力与能源分会(IEEE PES)、国际大电网委员会(CIGRE)、英国工程技术学会(IET)技术支持,国网西北分部、国网陕西省电力公司、陕西省电机学会、英大传媒投资集团有限公司协办,西安交通大学承办。会议语言为英语(主会场设同声传译)。

  作为国际供电会议组织(CIRED)的区域性国际会议之一,2016中国国际供电会议(CICED 2016)将在世界范围邀请权威学者和各领域专家,就供电系统规划、设计、建设、运行、管理和设备制造等主题进行交流与研讨,共享经验和成果。会议将促进供用电事业的运营和维护,提高供电服务的质量和成本效益,推动全球能源互联网在供用电领域的建设和发展。

  CICED 2016会期四天,前三天为主旨报告、专题研讨会、新技术论坛和论文交流,第四天为技术参观。会议将同期举办电力装备展览,展示近年来电力及相关领域的新技术、新装备。

Key dates

  • June 13, 2016

    Registration opens

  • July 15, 2016

    Early bird cut-off

  • August 4, 2016

    Registration closes

  • March 10,2016

    Submission of Abstract

  • April 1,2016

    Acceptance Notification of Abstract

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    Submission of Full

  • July 1,2016

    Acceptance Notification of Paper